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When does repowering make sense?

There are several reasons for repowering. The system or individual components can be defective, fall short of their target performance values or no longer meet today's technical requirements. It is also possible that some parts have been installed incorrectly or that original spare parts are no longer available. In all these cases we recommend a check of the photovoltaic system and a later repowering.

Who might be interested in repowering?

  • System operators
  • Investors
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks

Why repower with KYOCERA?

Our expertise

For over over 44 years we have been successfully involved in the manufacture of PV modules, as well as the planning, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. In the event of acute problems, our experts check your system and are available to you at any time on site with the highest level of professional know-how for planning and installation.

Manufacturer-independent service

This means it does not matter whether or not the manufacturer of your original system is still operating on the market. No matter which modules or inverters need to be replaced, we can help you - regardless of the manufacturer.

Maximum yield

We solve any performance-reducing problems of individual modules or complete systems, take care of the yield analysis, the redesign of the inverters and all other issues. Of course, we will check the entire PV system (modules, inverter and mounting structure) for optimal operation and we will carry out an energy yield check.

A brief overview of the repowering process including inventory analysis:

  • System yield check
  • System check
  • On-site metrological inspection of the system and its components
  • Visual inspection of the system

After the inventory analysis, we will develop an individual approach for the PV system together with our customers.

What are the advantages of repowering?

New components give you higher efficiency. Checking the cabling and optimizing your photovoltaic system maximizes long-term energy yields and ensures a long life. In addition, you will benefit from new warranty periods and innovative innovations such as convenient and reliable remote monitoring and data visualization.

All these measures make it possible to absorb and minimize yield losses that have already been identified. Even a small investment in new products can improve the efficiency of a PV system.

Repowering revenues