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PV System and Yield Check

No matter whether it is a small roof-mounted system on a detached house or a large solar park - we check your system with special measuring instruments and our expert knowledge.

When should you have your PV system checked?

If you are of the opinion or suspect that your PV system is no longer producing the desired yield or after natural events such as storms, hail, thunderstorms, etc., the system should be inspected by an expert.

So in all these cases you should have a PV yield check or PV system check carried out by Kyocera experts.

Why should you have your PV system checked?

A PV system is low-maintenance but not maintenance-free. For this reason, a system check should be carried out at regular intervals in order to ensure continued yields. We compare your yields with comparable regional systems and check the technical components such as modules, inverters and mounting structure during the check. Especially prior to the warranty of your PV system expiring, the system should be checked in order to report any claims for defects to the system installer or manufacturer in a right time. We will support you and you will receive a detailed test report of your PV system after the test.

More information about the test methods used can be found here.

Get in touch with our capable service team and get a quote for your individual PV system check.